Semi-Private Classes offered with a minimum commitment of 6 sessions.  Class sizes must be a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 10.  Some exceptions may apply.

$15 – for drop-ins if class is not full

$60 – 10 participants  ($10 per class per person)

$75 – 6-9 participants  ($12.50 per class per person)

To arrange Semi-Private classes, or for more information, please contact Jackie at jackie@thefitnessfield.com


Classes offered:

MELT & Meditation for the office

MELT & Meditation for the Athlete

MELT & Stretch for the Golfer

MELT & Stretch for the Cyclist

MELT & Stretch for the Dancer

MELT your Down Dog to Handstand

MELT & Therapeutic Back

MELTing the Gymnast’s Body

**All MELT classes are hands/feet classes only.