Hi!  i’m jackie field and i’ve had a love for activity for as long as i can remember.  As a kid, i used to drive my mother CRAZY.  i was THE one, and last of five kids, she was always taking to the hospital for broken bones and stitches.  Sorry, Mom.

It started with cheerleading (ROLL TIDE) as i was growing up in Alabama.  Then acrobatics, gymnastics and dance moved me into the fitness industry, where group fitness classes, training and cycling evolved into yoga, therapeutic yoga and meditation.

i started teaching acrobatics at age 14 when the teacher i was assisting walked out of the class unable to rein in a 4-6 year old boys tumbling class.  i took it over “temporarily” until they could find someone else.  That never happened.  i was able to keep adding classes with The Renate Edwards’ School of Dance in Leavenworth, Kans., where i taught all through high school and my first years of college.  She taught me more about teaching kids and how to make them feel successful than anyone i’ve ever worked with.  Thank you, Renate.

Through college, i continued to teach and eventually moved to Hawaii (rough, huh?) to live with my dad so he could help me with financing school.  Thanks, Dad!  i continued my studies focusing on teaching physical eduction and dance.  At 19, i submitted a bid to take over a gymnastics program at Hickam Air Force Base.  That’s when i became a small business owner.  i started with 19 kids and left with more than 100 enrolled!

During this time, i got married to my lovie, Jay, and had two kids, Trevor and Samantha.  i continued to teach and coach competitive gymnastics.  i also coached youth football and soccer, as well as help in my kids’ PE classes at school.  College took a sideline to the fitness industry, as i could work fewer hours a week, participate in my kids’ interests and still keep active.

Fitness certifications became the focus of my education.  What i love about that form of education is the focus is right where most fitness enthusiasts’ interests lie.  My interests have always been about the miracle of the body; what to put in it, how to move it, and what controls what in the body.  This has led me in a lot of different directions, as you can see through my bio and website name, The Fitness Field.

I hope to provide you with a site you can go to as a source for many things; giving you information and ideas for safe children and youth programming, as well as adult and senior fitness programming.  You are what you eat!  So, i hope to give you some helpful tips and recipes for healthy eating.  It’s my wish you will also venture into the mind-body sections of my website for inspiration and knowledge about yoga, therapeutic yoga and meditation.

*Please excuse the lower case “i.”  i do that to acknowledge there are many things in life bigger than me.  Just trying to stay humble.