Why do we have Back Pain?

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Did you know that your spinal discs have no direct blood supply to them?  Oxygen and nutrients flow in and out of the disc through a pumping process that depends on the spinal bones moving.  Compression, decompression and spinal twisting is what makes yoga so effective on the spine.

Improper Movement = Dried Out Discs
If we don’t rehydrate the spine, then movement becomes difficult due to stiffness.  This can create improper movement resulting in dried out discs.

For a lot of different reasons the back will become injured and people lose normal movement between these bones and it starts the slow gradual process of the disc drying out, thinning, and eventually weakening to the point of getting a disc bulge also called a disc herniation.

This process creates back pain and then eventually some shooting pain down the back of the legs, tingeling or numbness down the arm and sometimes even pain down into the feet.

Yoga is one way to create movement and blood flow through the spine by compression, decompression and spinal twisting.  One thing i love seeing improve in my students is their posture.  Habitual bad posture is one of the major causes of back pain.  By doing heart opening yoga poses and strengthening the core i see students begin to stand more upright.

Be mindful to keep your head up and balanced.  The back of the skull, the occipital region, should line up with your tailbone.  Many people tend to thrust the chin forward.  This is done a lot while working at the computer, looking at  your smart phone, driving, crafting, etc.  So when you’re driving, walking, working at you computer, be mindful to move your chin back toward the throat somewhat.  Don’t over do it to the point that it inhibits your breathing (uugh, or creates a double chin).

Another way to increase hydration to the spine is through trigger point therapy and MELTing techniques.  i will be teaching these techniques in my upcoming master class at Vayu Yoga in Newhall, CA, December 1st and 3rd, 2014.  I also teach these techniques at YogaWorks Valencia Studio in my Saturday Therapeutic Back Class.  I hope to do another full workshop on Therapeutic Back in 2015 so, keep coming back to thefitnessfield.com page.

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