What Should We Eat?

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It seems like the more research done on food and eating, the more confused we get.  Should i eat paleo, vegan, vegetarian?  Should i diet?  Should i eat more or less?  What about gluten free?  Even i have wanted to just throw my hands up and scream!

What makes this so frustrating is 80% of the results of your fitness program comes from what you put your mouth.  This means food, beverages and medications.  So always be mindful of what you put in your mouth and why.

i try to put as much living food in my mouth as possible.  Has this food been drastically changed from when it grew on the earth?  Did it grow on the earth in the first place?  i think it’s pretty unanimous that processed food isn’t good for you.  If you eat processed food, make sure it’s an indulgence and not a habit.

There are two ways to increase your metabolism, that’s your body’s ability to burn calories. One is exercise (or vigorous activity).  The other is food.

Exercise requires calories to perform the activity you’re doing.  Food requires energy to digest and break down your food.  How hard does your body have to work to digest your food and does that food have significant nutritional value?  Potato chips don’t require a great deal of energy to break down and digest.  Steamed vegetables and lean protein take alot more energy to strip away the nutrients and break down the fiber.

Dr. Mark Hyman has written a great article on this subject as it applies to vegan and paleo diets.  i think he does a wonderful job putting all the information out there about gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo diets.  He also gives you insight as to how the research can be faulty.

He calls himself a “pegan” and i think i agree whole heartedly.  Finally an article that explains it all in such a way you’re encouraged to make healthy choices and know you’re doing so with knowledge.

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