Remember these 5 simple rules to be happy

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1.  Free your heart from hatred.  It takes too much time, energy and emotion.  Sometimes we have to accept what may seem like the unacceptable.

2.  Free your mind from worries.  This is my toughest one.  I always try to remember that I can control my thoughts.   The best way to do this is to just focus on my breathing.  With each exhale relax the muscles in the face, then the neck and throat, then the shoulders and arms and just work your way down your body relaxing the body with each exhale.  Move the worries out and know that worries are just thoughts birthed from fear.  Try to revisit these thoughts without the emotions and fear.  See if you can find resolution.

3.  Live simply.  De-clutter your life.  We can usually figure this one out pretty easily it just takes discipline and courage.

4.  Give more.  Think about what you have maybe failed to take advantage of giving in the past and try to make good on that.  The sweetest thing you can give is your love, patience and time.

5.  Expect less.  If we lowered our expectations, we would live in a world of fewer disappointments.  Does that mean we should lower our expectations for ourselves?  For our community? our world? Not necessarily.  It just means we’re not expecting A,B or C but if it happens, that’s great.  If it doesn’t, we learn the lessons this teaches us and grow.

Now go forth.  Be happy!




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