All You Need Is Love

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,

while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

~ Lao-tzu

How about loving yourself?  It’s so easy to love your kids, grandkids, friends, and even co-workers.  Yes, you can and should love your co-workers.  We’re all on the same team called “Humanity.”

Why is it so hard for us to love ourselves?  Are we not deserving of love?  We think, “Well our kids, spouse and friends, they’re supposed to love us.”

There are so many days, and for some of us YEARS, that go by when we put everyone else first.  By the time we find any time for ourselves, we’re EXHAUSTED!  I know we think sleep is our reward, but we need to actively participate in our lives.

The next time you make an excuse for not going to the gym, a movie, a yoga class (or how about a yoga retreat!), be your advocate.  Look honestly at the last time you got to be completely present or just entertained and DO IT!  Go have fun!  You need it.  You deserve it!



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