MELT Away Chronic Pain

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“Traditional exercises and good nutritional habits can only go so far to keep a body active.  To Achieve optimum health, we must also treat the body’s ability to remain stable and balanced.”  New York Times best selling author Sue Hitzman, the creator of the Melt Method, has proposed a new view of how to define a healthy body– “A healthy body is one where all systems effortlessly connect, support, and maintain balance.”  This new definition includes the following three critical measures of health and wellness:

1. The health of the nervous sustem.

2. The body’s ability to produce, utilize, and maintain a chemical and hormonal balance, including metabolism.

3.  The quality and integrity of the connective tissue.

Her focus on the connective tissue and how to hydrate the connective tissue and eliminate stuck stress are revolutionary in the fitness industry.  Connective tissue is the single most abundant material in the body.  It is a matrix-like system that gives our muscles, bones, nerves and other structures the definitive support and connection they need to maintain upright posture and pain-free movement.  Connective tissue actively holds us together, supports the body structure, gives us our shape, and maintains the connection between all of the systems that impact stability.

Initially Sue’s MELT method created such an impact in the fitness industry that you started seeing fitness fanatics on rollers all over the gym.  Different types of rollers started appearing on the market.  In my opinion her MELT soft roller is still the best there is.  And her MELT techniques have proven to be the answer to aleviating pain for many of us.  Those of us who have been MELTing continue to say “I don’t know if it’s MELT but my stomach problems have gone away” or “I don’t know if it’s the MELT but I’m sleeping through the night.”  Now Sue’s MELT method programming is finally being discovered and  implemented by physical therapist, chiropractors, yoga and pilate instructors all over the US and soon all over the world.  Her book The Melt MELT Method is being translated into several different languages.

I just re-certified my Hand and Foot Instructor Training with Sue in San Diego and was so impressed by her continued passion on the research side of the body, it’s nervous system and the connective tissue system imparticular.  She has developed a wonderful program that shows Hands Off Body Workers i.e. students (yea that means you and me) how to assess in such a way that we can reconnect with our body.

“Using simple reconnect techniques, you use your Body Sense, not your common senses, to self-assess imbalances in your body’s alignment, responsiveness, and movement.” Sue continues to teach the importance of self-assessment techniques “The reconnect techniques quiet the nevous system to de-stress the body and heighten your body sense and mind-body connection.  Self-assessing your imbalances allows you to identify which areas need your attention and to sense improvements and whole-body changes.”

Along with reconnecting and stability assessments, there are techniques to rebalance the diaphragm, the NeuroCore and the autonomic nervous sytem.  Sue explains ” Specific MELT rebalance techniques contact and expand the diaphrahm’s three-demensional range of movement, which is essential to preventing or reducing any type of body pain and maintaining optimal organ function.”  She continues to “Other benefits of techniques to Rebalance the NeuroCore system, which provides whole-body balance, gut support, and spinal stability.  Imbalance in the NeuroCore system is a common cause of back pain, gut issues, lower-belly paunch, and more.”

MELTing is a direct approach to keeping the connective tissue healthy and an indirect way to keeping the regulators of your nervous system balanced. Sue’s MELTing techniques have proven to me  and many others that is you follow her advice to “MELT once a day for 10 minutes and you help boost your body’s natural repair mechanism, which aids in gut balance and stress management.” 

When you rebalance the body’s Autopilot (the autonomic nervous system & connective tissue system), you can reset your autopilot to save energy rather than working inefficiently and exhausting precious internal energy resources.  Some of you may have been diagnosed with exhausted adrenials.  Your autopilot is more than likely unbalanced due to dehydration and stuck stress due to habitual living.  Does your lifestyle require you to sit alot, use foreward head carriage at computers, smart phones or steering wheels?  This is what is referred to as hibitual living or  repetitive stress.  This can also be applied to our diet and the way we handle emotional stress.

The MELT Method is a simple, fun and refreshing way to begin to feel better.  You too can be one of the many saying “I don’t know if it’s the MELTing but….”

It’s my wish that you investigate the MELT Method and read Sue’s book to learn more about the wonderful body you’re living in and how to live pain free.




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